About UsChild Care Owner was founded after almost two decades of working in the child care industry and seeing the challenges owners and director face each day in promoting and operating their child care business.  Anyone that has ever owned or managed a child care business knows it can be an ongoing struggle to maintain enrollment and profitability.

Let’s face it, what use to work – display ads in the local newspaper, a coupon in the neighborhood parent of family magazine or those expensive ads in the telephone yellow pages just aren’t working anymore.  The parents of today do not use these to locate child care – they use the internet!  As they say, “you’ve got to advertise where they are looking”.

That’s where Child Care Owner can help!  We specialize in helping owners and managers market their child care services through Great Websites, Results Oriented Internet Marketing and Parent Focused Content and Resources.

Please point-and-click, poke around and see all that we have to offer to help you promote, enroll and make your child care business more profitable.


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