Most business owners, including the owners of child care businesses, often agonize about selling their business for a few years before making the final decision to move forward and offer the business for sale.

A serious look at the business to identify areas in need of improvement should take place once the decision to sell has been made.  With each item that needs improvement, you will need to determine the cost and time necessary to improve and if you will make the improvement or would rather offer at a lower price allowing the buyer to make needed improvements.

We have provided a simple Child Care Business Pre-Sale Checklist to help you identify areas in your child care business that need improvement.  For each item, note whether the condition is good, average, or in need of improvement.  Items rated good will help support the purchase price.  Those rated as average may not result in a price reduction but also may not support a higher price.  For the items in need of improvement, you will need to determine the improvement should be made or a price concession provided.

After you have completed your checklist, if you would like to discuss your ratings and their impact on pricing and the ability to sell your child care business, please give me a call.