Child Care Marketing “Touches”

A commonly heard phrase in marketing is “touches.”  This basic principle of marketing refers to the minimum of six to eight times someone must be exposed to your marketing message before it will be internalized or action taken.  In child care marketing, “touches” include the following:

  • Visiting your child care business for a tour
  • Speaking with you or a member of your staff on the telephone
  • Receiving your child care newsletter by email
  • Seeing a social media post from your child care business
  • A “word-of-mouth” referral from a friend or current parent
  • Visiting your website after a search for child care services
  • Receiving a direct mail piece (postcard, brochure or letter) that provides information about your child care services
  • View a sign or banner about your child care enrollment special

Why does it take so many exposures to your child care marketing message?  It is simple, parents (everyone) is inundated with advertising messages from the time we wait up until we go to bed – TV, radio, the internet, emails, telemarketing, billboard signs, ads on mobile devices – you name it.  In fact, some marketing research firms estimate the number of required “marketing touches” to be not six to eight touches but more than 12 touches.

No matter what the number of required touches, this marketing principle illustrates the need for consistent delivery of your child care marketing message over time by as many methods as possible.  Your child care marketing program must be comprehensive and ongoing to make the necessary “touches” and be effective.

It is important to create an annual, written marketing plan that focuses on delivering a branded, consistent message to potential parents throughout the year.  Your child care website should be designed to showcase your child care services, knowledge, and expertise.  Then, use online search marketing, eNewsletters, direct mailings, parent tours automated email follow-ups, and many other methods to drive current and potential parents to the best marketing piece a child care business can have – a professional, content-rich, child care business website.

How does your child care marketing program stack up?  How many marketing touches are potential parents receiving from your child care business?

Child Care Owner specializes in child care marketing that results in consistent engagement with parents and potential parents leading to high, profitable year round enrollment.  If you have questions about marketing your child care business, please give us a call – we are always happy to discuss and assist you with your child care marketing needs 336-645-9007.


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