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Most business owners have a large portion of their net worth tied up in their business. The same is true for the owners of childcare businesses. It is estimated that their business represents 50% to 80% of their net worth. Child Care owners are often planning to fund a substantial portion of their retirement from the proceeds of selling their childcare business. Therefore, understanding the current value of their childcare business is an important part of business exit planning. Learning Objectives The primary objective of this workshop is to gain a better understanding of what makes a childcare business more or less valuable. And the basic steps to calculating a price range for your childcare business.

Content: Business Valuation and Analysis

1. Personal Wealth and Child Care Business Value 2. Survey Indications and Statics 3. Why Buyers Buy Child Care Businesses 4. Level and Risk and Impact on Child Care Business Value 5. Business Reliance on Owner vs. Management Team and Impact on Value 6. Child Care Business Transfer Success Rates – Positive Impact of Planning 7. How Child Care Businesses are Valued 8. Steps to Valuing a Child Care Business 9. Increasing the Value of a Child Care Business 10. What Increases and Decreases Child Care Business Valuation Multiples

FREE Workshop - Wednesday, September 11th - 12:00PM - 1:30PM (EST)