Value of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance – A Cost or a Savings?

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Preventive maintenance is planned or scheduled maintenance with the goal of preventing breakdowns and failures by keeping things repaired and in good working condition. Preventive maintenance in a child care business would include regular evaluation and service/repair of all mechanicals.  Mechanicals being, the heating and air condition systems, water heaters, and other building operational equipment. Other areas of preventive maintenance would be the actual building and land, child care vehicles, kitchen equipment, classroom equipment, computers etc.

The long-term benefits of preventive maintenance include:

Improved reliability.  No owner of a child care center wants to deal with the air condition going out in July and a 90 degree classroom.

Decreased cost of replacement.  If you have to replace a piece of equipment before it’s normal “estimated life”, your cost of replacement increases.

Preventive maintenance will result in savings due to an increase system operational efficiency.  A bus or van that has been recently serviced operates more efficiently.

Without getting into deep into the math and statistic, long-term effects and cost comparisons show that preventive maintenance results in savings and not additional cost.

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