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    Build It Better, Sell It For More (Release Spring 2024)

    Build It Better, Sell It For More™ is  "A Child Care Owner’s Guide to Building a Profitable Business, Maximizing Value and Exiting Strategy Planning”. The book and companion course written by Donna S. Dailey will be released in spring 2022. members will receive a FREE advance, autographed copy of the book.
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    Exit Planning For Child Care Business Owners Roadmap

    COVID-19 has disturbed many things in the Child Care Industry.  As child care owners begin to recover from being closed and lower enrollments, many are starting to refocus on the future. Before COVID-19, many child care owners had their Exit Strategy in place and looked forward to the day they planned to retire. Now, child care owners are asking, “What adjustments do I need to make to my Exit Strategy?” Most wonder how much their child care business is worth and how long it will take to rebuild their business and its value.

    Although there is an increased interest in Exit Planning due to COVID-19, Child Care Owners should always be involved in the strategic planning of their exit from their child care business. This Exit Planning Roadmap will provide in-depth information, actionable steps, and guidance to help you prepare for your exit from your child care business and, equally importantly, prepare for life after exiting your business.

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    How Much is it Going to Cost?

    The first question everyone has when they start planning a new childcare building or remodeling project is, "How much is it going to cost?". We go into detail in each video with an explanation because that is a very difficult question to answer.  Even for people in the real estate and construction industry. Land costs, development fees, and construction costs are always moving targets. On any given day, the cost for a 1-acre piece of land can vary greatly.  It depends on the location of the land and whether it is in a rural area or a densely populated area. It depends on what use the land is zoned for, whether or not it has already been developed, and if there is a large demand for land in the area. Not to mention that the popularity of a town can rise and fall like the tides of the ocean.  All it takes to shift the tide is news of a violent crime, or natural disaster, or on the other end of the spectrum, news of a large regional development coming soon.