Oxford preschool closes leaving families without childcare

Rosehill Preschool was served an eviction notice in October last year, giving the nursery six months to leave the room they rented.

The preschool used a purpose-built room in the Little Pioneers building in Rosehill.

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Little Pioneers is a childcare group that operates nurseries across the UK.

Rosehill Preschool was charity run and provided childcare for up to 16 children.

Rebecca Jedynowicz, manager of the nursery said: “The preschool has had a huge impact on the local community.

Oxford Mail:

“We have supported thousands of vulnerable families over the years, supporting children and getting them ready for school at the age of 5.

“We are sometimes the only point of regular professional contact the families have until school age and play a big part in keeping children safe and cared for.

“The reaction to the closure of the nursery has been one of all-round sadness from both staff and parents.

“Many children would have stayed with us the years to come.

“There are some alternatives around, but nursery spaces are hard to come by and not every child that left us managed to be placed before September 2023 leaving months without childcare.”

Rosehill nursery had four staff and the closure has left them without work.

According to Ms Jedynowicz, no reason was given for the eviction notice.

Katie Baxter-Leggett began volunteering at the preschool in 2015/2016 before taking on a full-time role in 2019.

Oxford Mail:

She said: “The preschool was like a second home to me, I felt my most confident there and I loved meeting so many different families from all backgrounds.

“I feel as though the preschool was so important within the local community as it gave children from low income families the best start in life.

“Providing them with essential skills to navigate the world.

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“When the eviction notice was served it was a kick in the teeth!

“We had just spent a lot of money on new resources and getting our outside space fully redone.

“The children were thriving.

“I believe this is going to affect many children growing up in Rosehill.”

Last summer, Rosehill preschool spent almost £10,000 getting the nursery room re-decorated.

The nursery staff told the Oxford Mail that this makes the eviction notice even more baffling.

Rosehill preschool was rated ‘Good’ at its last Ofsted inspection in October 2017.

Little Pioneers has been contacted for comment.

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