Child Care Marketing

marketingIf your local market is typical, you’ve probably noticed the number of child care providers in your area increasing at a faster rate than the number of children needing care. As an independent operator, chances are you don’t just have more competition, but in particular, more competition from chain operators who are very much focused on capturing market share and have the marketing budgets to do so.

While the chains can be serious competitors, independents have definite advantages. You’ll learn strategies and tactics to take advantage of your independent status and ways to effectively market and promote your child care services.

Our objective in this section is to bring to light many approaches and ideas for you to consider in the area of increasing enrollments and revenues through creative and “low cost” marketing and promotional activities.

A key component of successful child care marketing is to implement a multifaceted approach ensuring maximum exposure. Constantly experimenting with inexpensive ways of attracting attention and creating interest in your child care services will eventually lead to positive results. Child Care Owner can provide you a wide variety of proven ways to enhance your marketing program and produce revenue-generating results.

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